About Us

FLEX High Principal Alicia Henry is here to ensure a smooth transition for all new Columbus, Ohio students.

Are you looking for a high school that offers the FLEXibility you need? At FLEX High we understand that life can present bumps in the road on the way to graduation, but sometimes, that change could be the best thing to ever happen to you. FLEX High provides a path to graduation that is flexible, personal, unique, and completely FREE!



FLEX High Helped Change These Students’ Stories:

tyron Tyron
Life on the streets made high school seem
irrelevant to Tyron’s own survival.
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 maria Maria
Homeless and hungry, high school was
never a priority for Maria… until she found FLEX High.
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Walk into one of FLEX High’s resource centers, and you will feel the difference. No bells, no class clowns, and no drama. At FLEX High, we focus on providing a SAFE educational environment, so that you may focus on your goal of obtaining a high school diploma. Our students love the quiet, one-on-one attention they receive from their teacher mentors.

What Makes Us Different

Our students and our approach are what make FLEX High different. As a community school, our strategy is to personalize the resources of the charter school and community around the student’s success. We focus on educating some of the most inspiring, dedicated, hard-working young adults you will ever meet. Students come to FLEX High for a variety of reasons, with some facing extraordinary obstacles and challenges. And every day, we witness these students break through those obstacles, find their voice, and set their sights on a better future. It happens every day at FLEX High, and it can happen for you.